Deciduous Trees

Green Ash | leaves

Green Ash

Fraxinus pennsylvanica

ht. 12m - sp. 9 m
Zone 2

A boulevard or windbreak tree, drought tolerant in little need of pruning. The female for has winged seeds that birds like to feed on. A tough and hardy tree it loses it's leaves sooner than most other trees.

Healthy Trembling Aspen | leaves

Trembling Aspen (Native)

Populus tremuloides

ht. 10 m - sp. 5 m
Zone 2

Upright, oval headed tree with rounded bright green leaves. Nearly white bark that does darken with age. Even a breeze will cause the soft rustling sound of the leaves which gave them their name.

Swedish Columnar Aspen | fall colors

Swedish (columnar) Aspen

Populus Tremula

ht. 12m - sp. 2 m
Zone 2

This tree is perfect for limited space, with dense dark foliage. Excellent for screen, windbreak or line a driveway. The smaller shallow roots are non-invasive. Wonderfull red/orange and yellow fall colour.

Paper Birch | peeling bark

Paper Birch (White)

Betula papyrifera

ht. 12m - sp. 6 m
Zone 2

Ornamental shade tree with attactive peeling bark. Rich green foliage turning orange, yellow in the fall. Can also come in clump form. Does not tolerate prolonged drought.

American Elm | leaf

American Elm

Ulmus americana

ht. 20 m - sp. 15 m
Zone 2

A famous arched canopy boulevard tree, with saw edge leaves that turn bright yellow in the fall. Often found lining streets or in a park. Best in moist, well drained soil in full sun.

Amur Maple | red leaves

Amur Maple (Ginnala)

Acer ginnala

ht. 5m - sp. 4m
Zone 2

The Amur maple is one of the first to leaf out in the spring, with sweetly scented off white flowers in early spring. Dark glossy green foliage and the fall colour varies from yellow to vibrant red.

Manitoba Maple | seed

Manitoba Maple (Baron)

Acer negundo

ht. 14 m - sp. 12 m
Zone 2

The manitoba maple is a very vigorous tree that withstands drought and grows well in wet soil. It is a favorite with kids for climbing and building tree houses. Leaves are bright green on top with a powder light blue look on the stems and buds. Foliage turn yellow in the fall.

Bur Oak | leaves

Bur Oak (Burr)

Quercus macrocarpa

ht. 10 m - sp. 8 m

The bur oak is a hardy and very adaptable tree. Dark green leaves that turn yellow in the fall. Thick cork like furrowed bark. This tree prefers full sun and well drained soil and is slow growing.

Northwest Poplar | leaves

Northwest Poplar

Popullus x 'Northwest'

ht. 20 m - sp. 15 m
Zone 2

This is a fast growing tree, shiny dark green leaves and a wide canopy. These trees do not produce fluff, as we carry only the male. They are excellent for shade or shelterbelt. Foliage turns bright yellow in the fall.

Laurel Leaf Willow

Laurel Leaf Willow

Salix pentandra

ht. 12 m - sp. 12 m
Zone 2

The laurel leaf willow has deep green, waxy leaves, and a large canopy. Fast growing and extremely hardy, an excellent climbing tree for children! It is low headed and has deeply furrowed bark.