Why Are Plants Important

There are many positive benefits that plants can provide. From creating air for us to breath, to their medical benefits. Plants play a crucial role in our everyday lives, even if we are unaware of it. 

Tree Care:  Are You Doing It Right?

Planting Instructions

1. Find an area to plant your tree that is not always wet.

2. Dig a hole 15cm wider than the root ball, but no deeper than it.

3. Backfill the tree with good quality garden soil.

4. Make sure not to cover the root flare of the tree.

5. Ensure you have no air pockets.

6. Water thoroughly and keep moist, but DO NOT overwater (we strongly recommend that you use a watering bag).

7. Fertilize according to the season.

8. Stake the tree so that it does not blow over in the wind.

*To keep your soil most, use 2 inches of mulch, but again remember not to cover the root flare*

Planting instructions2.jpg

Winter Protection

Often during the winter, small rodents, such as voles and rabbits, will strip the bark off the trunk of your trees, especially Apple and Crabapple variety trees (as shown on the image to the right). In order to prevent this, it is best to wrap protective barriers, such as chicken wire, around the base of your tree. If the snow gets deeper, remember to put more wire higher up on the tree to prevent further damage from animals climbing on top of the snow.