About Trees

The Value of Trees

In urban communities trees are often planted for their beauty and for the shade they provide. The advantage of trees, however, goes far beyond those basic benefits. Trees have a very calming effect which can reduce stress levels and even decrease recovery time after surgery. Trees can soften, complement, or enhance architecture. Trees moderate local climate, improve air quality, and reduce stormwater runoff. And trees can reduce energy costs. Here are some of the specific benefits trees provide:


  • Proper landscape design can reduce air conditioning bills by up to 30%, and save 10-50% on heating costs.
  • Shading your air conditioner with trees will keep it cool so it uses less energy.
  • Landscaping your property can add 20% to its selling price.
  • Adding mulch to your tree planting will save water, minimize weed growth and provide nutrients to the soil.


  • Trees can reduce the surrounding air temperature by approximately 5°Celsius.
  • Using trees to shade your driveway and other paved surfaces will reduce their surface temperature.
  • Trees absorb sound from surrounding areas.
  • Shaded areas from trees can be as much as 14°C cooler than nearby air.
  • Deciduous trees on the south and west side of your home will provide summer shade and allow sunshine through in the winter.
  • Evergreen trees are natural wind breaks.


  • Two mature trees can produce enough oxygen daily for a family of four.
  • A mature tree can absorb up to 150 kilograms of pollution per year.
  • Studies have shown that exposure to plants can lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension and reduce stress.
  • Having an attractive yard will encourage you to spend more time outdoors.