Apple - Flowering Crab

Emerald Spire Crabapple

Columnar compact tree with large pink flowers, copper-green leaves and limited red fruit in the fall.


Purple leaves, pink flowers, small fruit, disease resistant.

Spring Snow

Green leaves, sterile white flowers, no fruit.


Beautiful white clustered flowers in the spring, dark green foliage, showy red fruit.


Hardy, bronze leaves, pink flowers, red fruit, disease resistant.


Bronze glossy leaves, reddish-pink flowers, small fruit.

Royal Beauty

small weeping crabapple, purplish-red foliage with pink flowers in the spring, unique feature tree.


Purple glossy leaves, reddish-pink flowers, spreading form.


Green leaves, white flowers, tiny orange fruit, columnar form.

Purple Spire

Compact columnar crabapple, purple green foliage, pink flowers. Extremely purple leaves in the fall.

Pink Spire

Bronze leaves, floriferous light pink flowers, narrower form.


Bronze leaves, pink flowers, rounded shape.

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