Our Bushes

We are happy to offer a wide and diverse array of over 40 different types of bushes this year! From different perennials to shrubs, and everything in between, there is sure to be something for everyone in our selection. We are proud to be an ethical supplier, and Clean Plant Certified Nursery, and to have been serving this region for over 40 years.

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Known as cold- hardy plants, perennials will return again in the spring, unlike annuals. With certain exceptions, they typically only bloom for one season a year. They require less water than other types of plants, and are very favorable for areas that experience little rain.


These plants have needles, rather than leaves, and are green all year round (with exception to Larch). Conifers produce beautiful cones and are very fragrant and hardy. While they are often referred to as Evergreens, there are actually many different types, each special and unique.


These bushes not only make good landscape plants when used in hedge rows, or along foundations, but they also provide fantastic fruit. They can reach maturity and start producing fruit in only one year.


Shrubs are small to medium sized plants that have hard, woody stems and have buds that survive above the ground during the winter. They are distinguished from trees  by their multiple stems and shorter height.


Being one of the most diverse, and important plants, grasses provide food for animals, and shelter for wildlife. Some species are grown as ornamentally, some are used for lawns and recreational areas, and some are used to manage erosion. Most grasses have round stems, bladelike leaves, and fibrous roots.