Our Trees

Using our Air Pot technology, our trees are trained to burst into the landscape as soon as they are planted, and through our aggressive culling techniques, we are able to provide the highest quality trees that are able to survive the harsh Albertan climate. We are proud to be an ethical supplier, and Clean Plant Certified Nursery, and to have been serving this region for over 40 years.

What type are you looking for...

  • Deciduous Trees

    These are trees that will lose their leaves seasonally, in the autumn.  Deciduous trees are known for their beautiful green, purple, and bronze leaves, eye-catching blossoms which come in a variety of colors like pinks, whites, and purples, and decadent fruits.

  • Coniferous Trees

    These trees have needles, rather than leaves, and are green all year round (with exception to Larch). Conifers produce beautiful cones and are very fragrant and hardy. While they are often referred to as Evergreens, there are actually many different types, each special and unique.

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