The Wheatland Trees Team

Modern cities are trending towards having more concentrated and compact communities. To make that space more livable, trees become an essential part of our community.
A tree is an opportunity to provide a legacy of developing a healthier environment for you, your family and community. I am so proud to be in this industry where we, Wheatland Trees, can make a true difference ~ one tree at a time.

Phil Paxton,

President & Owner

Coming from an academic background, I am a sponge for information and I am constantly searching for innovative concepts to enhance every aspect of growing the best quality trees. Our trees are grown to meet high city standards using innovative soil management and root pruning techniques. The results are  full and healthy trees with uniform shape and exceptional roots.

Stacey Gibb (PhD),
Research & Grower 

Being the mechanic and overall handyman for the team, I make sure that Wheatland Trees operates smoothly. 
Whether be mending pre-existing equipment or fabricating something new to fit our needs, I ensure that our company is able function sustainably.

Crane Truck Driver & Mechanic 

In addition to having an obligation to environmental sustainability, we also have a duty to be financially responsible. I crunch the numbers here at Wheatland Trees and provide assistance to our Retail Center. We are so excited for you all come see our fantastic outdoor décor and specialty items this summer.

Joanne Weir,

Corporate Accountant 

I've been involved in our business for many years and look forward to providing the level of service that will help you business flourish and succeed. Wheatland Trees is vey nimble and we pride ourselves on being able to react quickly. I would be more than happy to talk to you about any of your landscaping needs, and how we can best help you.

Torquil Paxton,

Customer Relations