Wheatland Trees Advantage

Here at Wheatland Trees we are passionate about making sure you get the best possible trees in the best possible condition.

Over the years we have come to be recognized for our ability to:

GROW. Our grower, Miguel Vanegas, is a Certified Agrologist who has been recognized by a well-known independent crop specialist as "one of the best in the business", and our trees show it. We produce full, healthy trees with uniform shape, capable of thriving in hardiness Zones 2a to 5b.

DIG. We know that the timing of the dig is very important. To survive and thrive, the different species need to be dug at specific times. We are also careful to ensure the dig is the right size for the tree, and that the soil itself is 'right and tight' for a tree that ships well and shows well. Of course, meticulous root pruning is an essential part of our process.

MAINTAIN. We have developed stringent maintenance procedures to make sure your trees are in prime condition when they arrive at the job site. Our methods include:

  • Placing cardboard around the trunk to prevent scars
  • Watering the trees before shipping so they arrive in hydrated condition
  • Regular inspections to ensure trees are pest free
  • Fertilizing and pruning as appropriate for the time of year

SHIP. Our root balls don't shake loose under normal shipping conditions. They arrive at your site more compact and uniform than is typical of most growers, ensuring your trees can be planted quicker, which enhances their survival rate.