Better Root Management

Wheatland Trees is passionate about growing trees that arrive at your site in the healthiest possible condition. We are better than most at applying careful techniques to ensure our trees are dug correctly, maintained well after they are dug, and prepared properly for shipping. You'll find our root balls are consistently tight and solid - they don't get shaken loose during shipping. This consistency can make a real difference to your operation by the end of a day.

Of course, our service to you begins four to eight years before you buy a tree. Among the many techniques we employ is the precise removal of all girdling and circling roots prior to field planting. From then on, both roots and branches are regularly pruned to meet a very high standard of tree care and ensure a compact root ball. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide you with the highest quality product.

Machine Dug Wire Basket Sizes

To better assist landscape operations, and speed up the work at your job sites, Wheatland Trees offers consistent machine dug wire basket sizes for all trees harvested at our farms.

Deciduous Trees
Caliper Basket Width
40 mm 28 inches
50 mm 30-32 inches
60 mm 34-36 inches
70 mm 36 inches
80 mm 38-40 inches
90 mm 40 inches
100 mm 44 inches
Coniferous Trees
Height Basket Width
1.5 m 28 inches
2.0 m 30-32 inches
2.5 m 34-36 inches
3.0 m 38-40 inches
3.5 m 40 inches
4.0 m 40-44 inches
4.5 m 44 inches

Note that basket depths are usually about 6 to 8 inches shallower than Basket Widths.