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Gardening Tools

If you are looking for the perfect summer pruning set, then our Berger tools are exactly what you need. With shock absorbent, ergonomic handles, and blades made from high quality steal, these tools are perfect for any situation. See our full tool set, and additional gardening supplies listed below.

Outdoor Décor

Nothing goes better with our trees than some of our lovely, handmade décor. Choose from a wide variety of accent pieces and yard accessories to help accentuate your trees and gardens. See our full inventory below.

Artisan Soap

Our Milca Soaps only use the highest quality materials to create a rich and detoxifying product. These all natural soaps are made with essential oils, pure olive & coconut oils, shea butter and many other premium ingredients. See the link below for a full list of our Milca soap collection.

$6 / Bar

Garden Seeds

Our high quality Salt Spring seeds are perfect for anyone looking to start their own garden. We offer seeds for root vegetables, squash and cucumbers, herbs, beans and peas, lettuce, and greens. See the link bellow for a full list of our Salt Spring collection.

$4 / Packet