Wheatland Trees Products for Landscapers

Wheatland Trees produces full, healthy trees with uniform shape, capable of thriving in hardiness Zones 2a to 5b. In doing so, we are very fortunate to have on our team a grower that local crop specialists say is one of the best in the business.

We have two large farms of Wheatland Chinook Hardy trees, to ensure you get the selection and quantity you need. With our aggressive culling practices and Clean Plants certification, you know you're getting the highest quality trees.

Wheatland Trees B & B methods are all about consistency, to save you time and money on the job site. We are passionate about creating perfect root balls! And we prepare our trees for shipping with uncommon care so they arrive at your site in the best possible condition.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous Trees

Apple - Flowering Crab
Apple - Eating / Ash
Aspen / Birch / Buckeye
Caragana / Cherry
Elm / Hawthorn / Lilac
Linden / Maple
Mountain Ash / Oak / Olive
Pear / Plum / Poplar / Willow

Coniferous Trees

Deciduous Trees

Larch / Pine

Images and descriptions courtesy of LANTA and Four Seasons Alberta Tree Nursery.