Linden / Maple

Linden (Tilia)

Dropmore Linden (Tilia x flavescens 'Dropmore')

Pyramidal-shaped shade tree with heart-shaped, dense leaves.

Dropmore Linden

Greenspire Linden (Tilia cordata 'Greenspire')

Oval form, shade tree has heart-shaped, smaller leaves.

Greenspire Linden

Maple (Acer)

Amur Maple (Acer ginnala)

Graceful tree with three-lobed leaves, scarlet red in the fall.

Amur Maple

Hotwings Maple (Acer tataricum)

Showy red samaras, lush green leaves turn yellow then red in fall.

Hotwings Maple

Manitoba Maple (Acer negundo)

Moisture-loving native tree, grey bark and yellow fall leaf colour.

Manitoba Maple

Silver Cloud Maple (Acer saccharinum 'Silver Cloud')

Five-lobed leaves with silver undersides turn yellow in fall.

Silver Cloud Maple