FAQs About Wheatland Products

1. Why should I buy from Wheatland Trees?
Wheatland Trees is passionate about growing trees that arrive at your site in the healthiest possible condition. We are better than most at applying careful techniques to ensure our trees are dug correctly, maintained well after they are dug, and prepared properly for shipping.

2. Who is your grower?
We're very proud to have Miguel Vanegas as our grower. Miguel holds a degree in Agronomy and has been described by a well-respected local crop specialist as one of the best growers in the business. He has been with Wheatland Trees for a decade.

3. What varieties of trees do you provide?
We grow and supply all the major species landscapers require for this region. Please see our catalogue or our Tree Guide to learn more.

4. How do you ensure the quality of your trees in the field?
To produce and deliver full, healthy trees with uniform shape, capable of thriving in hardiness Zones 2a to 5b, we follow very meticulous procedures, including:

  • The precise removal of all girdling and circling roots prior to field planting
  • Regular pruning of both roots and branches
  • Innovative soil management techniques

5. What procedures do you follow when digging trees?
We are very careful to dig each species at the optimum time while making sure the dig is the right size for the tree. We also ensure that the soil is 'right and tight' for a tree that ships well and shows well.

6. How do you maintain your trees while they are waiting to be shipped?
We employ a number of practices, including:

  • Placing cardboard around the trunk to prevent scars
  • Watering the trees before shipping so they arrive in hydrated condition
  • Regular inspections to ensure trees are pest free
  • Fertilizing and pruning as appropriate for the time of year

7. How do your B & B methods compare to other growers?
Simply put, we are very passionate about creating perfect root balls. We develop more compact and uniform root balls that don't shake loose during shipping. The advantage is that our trees tend to be easier and quicker to plant at the job site.

8. How do I know the trees I buy from Wheatland Trees will be healthy?
Wheatland Trees is a certified Clean Plants grower, ensuring you get a high quality product every time. Learn more about the Clean Plants program.